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There are four classrooms that are 66sq.m each at our campus. Every classroom has its own bathroom complete with three small toilets, sinks and a shower. Three classrooms will be opened in September Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception.


The idea behind the design of the Britannia school’s interior is that it represents key constituent parts of the UK. Each classroom has a silhouette of a city that represents four countries of the United Kingdom.


Each classroom will have an interactive board and will contain the different areas of continuous provision , including reading corner, water tray, sand tray, creative area, literacy area, maths area, and a role-play area.

A friendly, warm school where everyone knows your child as an individual.

Thanks to the unique way in which we teach our children we boast high levels in all areas of development. Teachers are highly qualified in Early Years Foundation Stage education and teaching assistants are all fluent English speakers. 

Safe: Our campus is safe and secure, and children are cared for in the same way that they would be at home. We have small classes with excellent teacher to student ratio, meaning your child gets individual support and ample amount of attention.

Advanced: The children learn current topics assisted by a purposely designed mix of advanced technology and traditional learning tools.

Class Schedule: Due to the nature of our play based learning, we ask all parents to make sure they provide a spare change of clothes.

Features children’s education in the British international garden
Features children’s education in the British international garden

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