After School Programme



Our after school programme is designed to offer a balance of educational lessons, and hobbies of interest to children. Many of the after school lessons on offer are already incorporated into our British Programme, however we desire to give children the chance to explore their interests through classes with a specific focus on their chosen discipline.

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The advantages of enrolling your child into an after school club with us are endless


The advantages of enrolling your child into an after school club with us are endless. A well-chosen variety of activities will give children the opportunity to explore their different interests and hone their skills in a particular area. From dance to gymnastics and music to cooking, there is an after school activity here for every child.

After school clubs give children the chance to continue their learning away from the formality of the classroom. The opportunity to learn in a fun, more relaxed environment can be hugely rewarding.

Sports like football and Jujitsu are excellent sources of exercise as well as being key to introducing concepts such as sportsmanship and team-building.


Saturday Club

Our Saturday club caters for children from 2-7 years old and runs from 9:30-14:00. Each week we will explore a new topic through carefully planned activities such as cooking, physical games, arts and crafts and much more. All Saturday club classes will be taken in English.


Group music lessons will engage the children in singing and using musical instruments; they will learn new vocabulary though different songs and develop their motor skills by learning actions to accompany the words. For individual or small group singing or instrumental lessons please speak to your class teacher.

Drama in English

Drama is taught through the programme Helen O’Grady. This program is linked to the British Early Years curriculum. Our drama class boosts childrens confidence, communication and language skills, improves body language and attention span. Our native English speaking teacher creates an encouraging environment so students feel comfortable performing their parts and expressing themselves.

Playgroup in English

An evening group for mothers and their children aged 1-2.5 years to practice language skills and develop social skills with our British teachers. Families explore engaging  classroom areas at their will and broaden English vocabulary during play. The group is also an opportunity to make new friends with similar interests. Playgroup is the class to take for pre-entry into Britannia School’s main program.


Students are taught the rules of the game by a professional football coach. They will learn key skills such as teamwork, dodging, tackling, and ball control and even learn  tricks so they can be just like the professional football players.


Gymnasts are renowned for their fitness, agility and poise. In this class children will learn the techniques and skills they need to develop a basic gymnastic ability.

Dance in English

Dance is a fun class for students that improves balance, flexibility, fitness level, posture and self esteem. Each lesson the students are taught different choreography pieces to different genres of music. Children also develop language and social skills at Britannia School, because our dance lessons are instructed in English by our British teachers.