On Thursday the 4th of July, Britannia School held its first formal graduation ceremony. During the ceremony our older students talked about their favourite memories of Britannia School and what they would like to be when they are older. Some students shared their dreams of being astronauts and others movie stars. They sang a special song to their parents and teachers and thanked them for all the guidance and help they received during their time at Britannia School. Our head teacher Mrs Roberts, gave a speech where she talked about how important the early years is and how proud she was of the achievements that the students had made. She was particularly proud of our oldest students who passed the British Phonics screening test at the end of the academic year with very high marks.

Britannia School students successfully passed examinations in English and are graduating to The Anglo-American School (AAS), International School of Moscow (ISM), Cambridge International School (CIS) and British schools overseas. We are very proud of our graduates and wish them all the very best in continuing their education!